Good Day Farm- Mango Mintality 3.5 g Pre Pack (Sativa)


FLAVOR: Sour Funk, Sweet Tropical Fruit, Pine, Menthol

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A truly exotic and unique strain, this rarity boasts beautiful bright green buds with vibrant pistils and a frosty, tight nug structure. Breaking into the buds, the unique aroma is a journey through sweet, sour funky fruit notes with a piney-menthol finish. Mango Mintality’s flavor is dominated by sweet, juicy tropical mango notes on the inhale, followed by a piney, minty essence on the exhale. The Mango Haze lineage drives the uplifting experience. Mango Mintality may have y’all chatting up a storm before raiding the kitchen for snacks. Buyer beware, the munchies are real…


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Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Guaiol, Myrcene

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